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Zu Ehren von Jules Verne

In lands unknown, where dreams take flight,

There lies a world, bathed in golden light.

Through boundless depths, where imagination soars,

A visionary stands, unlocking hidden doors.

Jules Verne, the poet of daring endeavor,

Unleashing visions that no one could sever.

With quill in hand, he painted skies aflame,

And inspired hearts to chase dreams untamed.

His words, like whispers from a distant star,

Guided us on journeys both near and far.

From the depths of ocean to the moon's embrace,

Verne's tales unfolded, capturing our chase.

In "Twenty Thousand Leagues" we dove,

Exploring vast seas, with wonder to behove.

Beneath the waves, where untamed secrets dwell,

Verne's words, like waves, upon our souls did swell.

Through "Journey to the Center of the Earth,"

We ventured forth, a quest of endless worth.

Beneath the crust, where mystery abounds,

Verne's prose ignited passions that knew no bounds.

"From the Earth to the Moon," he led us high,

To celestial canvas where dreams could fly.

With rockets propelled by imagination's flame,

Verne's tales ignited skies with cosmic acclaim.

Oh, Jules Verne, your words still resonate,

A symphony of wonder, we continue to celebrate.

Traversing landscapes of the unexplored,

Your poetry of adventure keeps us enthralled, adored.

So, let us remember the man who dared,

To journey beyond what others shared.

For Jules Verne, the poet of boundless dream,

Forever etched in literary's celestial stream.

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